CU Writer

CU Writer

The University’s continued development in computing technology engendered the CU Writer Programme, which was a result of collaboration between the Office of Computing Services and the Department of Computer Science in the Faculty of Engineering. The Programme is unofficially known as Chula Word or Word Chula or the CW. It is a Thai word processing programme working with MSDot which anticipated the invention of Windows 95. When starting, the Programme will display the window of its batch and the Maha Chulalongkorn Anthem will be played. When users press any button, they will be able to enter work areas.

The CU Writer was invented in 1989 by Samnuan Hiranwong who developed it as a testing batch and it was originally used within Chulalongkorn University only. After it proved successful, its 1.1 batch was officially publicized through the Channel 7 Coloured Army Television Station. The Programme continued to develop until 1993 when development terminated with the last batch 1.6, which was able to create mathematics equations, offer four types of characters to choose from and a way of separating syllables in words through the use of a dictionary.

The CU Writer is a public programme that the general public may copy free of charge. The Programme has been taught in Fundamental Computing Programmes in various educational institutions.