Early Stages of the Computing System

Early Stages of the Computing System

To keep pace with the advance in technology that is continually developing in Thailand, Chulalongkorn University set up the “Computer Science Centre” in the Graduate School on March 1st, 1969. Computer equipment used during the early stages consisted of IBM 1800 computers, presented to and installed at the University by the Military Research and Development Centre for their mutual use, and IBM 1620 computers presented by the IBM Company (Thailand) for use in education and other areas.

In its early stages, the Computer Science Centre taught Computer Science to undergraduate students in, for example, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Science. In 1969, it began to offer programmes in Computer Science at a certificate level to the general public. These programmes were certified by the Office of the Civil Service Commission and a large number of interested people attended the programmes.

When the centre was affiliated with the Graduate School, it offered a Master’s Degree Programme in Computer Science in 1971. The Programme admitted holders of any Bachelor’s Degree in almost all academic disciplines and it also provided assistance in this area to other universities.