The First Four Faculties at Chulalongkorn University

The First Four Faculties at Chulalongkorn University

When Chulalongkorn University was first established, teaching and learning were conducted in 4 Faculties—the Faculty of Medicine, the Faculty of Public Administration, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Arts and Science, covering 28 fields of studies and with an overall number of students of 380. Initially, the educational programme was at certificate level. Later, the Faculty of Medicine was the first to offer a programme at the Bachelor’s degree level.

1. The Faculty of Medicine (formerly the Royal Medical School) at Siriraj Hospital, Wang Lang, Thonburi Phraya Vejsitthiphilas (Charas Viphatphaeya), a lecturer at the Royal Medical School, who served as the Dean

2. The Faculty of Public Administration, offering classes in government, located in the New Building on Sanam Ma Road (later the Headquarters Building or the Arts Building I) The Dean, Phraya Withayapreechamataya (Siri Devahasdin Na Ayutthaya)

3. The Faculty of Engineering, sharing a site with the Faculty of Public Administration The Dean, Phraya Niphathakulapongse (Chin Bunnag).

4. The Faculty of Arts and Science, a newly founded Faculty teaching fundamental courses in Arts and Science to lower-level students in the other 3 Faculties, located at Windsor Castle (today, the National Stadium)