The First Group of Foreign Lecturers

The First Group of Foreign Lecturers

Chulalongkorn University employed foreigners for the first time in 1920 and after the Rockefeller Foundation had helped to develop the Faculty of Medicine, it also supported the hiring of foreign lecturers. Among these foreign lecturers was Professor Dr. A.G. Ellis, an expert in Pathology, who was capable in both academic and administrative affairs. He held a few administrative positions including that of Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and, also, Rector of the University from 1935 to 1936. He was the only foreigner to become Rector of the University. Because he contributed a great deal to Thai medicine, in 1930, King Prajadhipok conferred a Doctoral Degree (honoris causa) in Medicine upon him and he became the first recipient of the degree. Later, the number of foreign lecturers increased. In 1932, Chulalongkorn University hired two foreign lecturers on 5-year contracts to teach in the Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering Project in 3 branches of engineering—Electrical, Mechanical and Civil Engineering. These 2 professors were Professor Hans Bantle, a Swiss expert in Mechanical Engineering and Professor Dr. Charles Emfrid M. Son Gewertz. a Swedish expert in Electrical Engineering

From left to right: 1.) Professor Dr. Gewertz teaching a course in electrical circuits in 1935 2.) Professor Dr. Gewertz and lecturers of the Faculty of Engineering
Professors Dr. Gewertz and Professor Bantle with their students at the graduation ceremony