Granting Scholarships

Granting Scholarships

As well as giving the chance to rural students and those who are underprivileged to enter Chulalongkorn University through special programmes, which enable selected students to be financially supported by the University or other organizations that collaborate with the University, the University also offers different kinds of financial support to those who enter the University via the regular process but may later face financial problems. This support may be in the form of scholarships allocated by the University itself or scholarships from outside; for example,

  • Scholarships for Needy Students (Non-repayable grants)
  • Temporary Student Loans,
  • Scholarships for Students with a Good Academic Record or Those Who Give of Themselves to Others,
  • Government Loans for Studying.

Chulalongkorn University adheres to the policy that its students will not have to drop out due to financial shortage.