Ideologies for the Masses

Ideologies for the Masses

After 1949, interest in Socialism increased bringing about a change in people’s ideas about freedom, human rights and how to create fairness in society. A number of Chulalongkorn students at that time became involved in social issues and one who played a dominant role was Chitra Phumisak.

Chitra Phumisak entered the Faculty of Arts in 1950. He was a political thinker, an historian and a linguist. As a scholar and a revolutionary in ideas and academic matters, he was one of the early academics who dared, rationally and profoundly, to argue and dispute openly. He was distinguished for his creative and profound academic research while, at the same time, demonstrating his opposition to dictatorship and the abuse of power over the people. He is considered to be one of the most well-known radicals of the modern times.

“To wipe the track of tears from the peoples’ faces, I will endlessly fight with joyful spirit. If I am going to be born again, I will dedicate that life to the masses.”

Chitra Phumisak