The Museum of Natural Medicine

The Museum of Natural Medicine

The Museum of Natural Medicine is located on the 3rd floor of the Osothsala Building in the Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences. It was founded from the University’s objective to collect and conserve examples of Thai and foreign medicinal herbs, pharmaceutical instruments, different kinds of knowledge and the evolution of pharmacy from the past to the present so that the Museum could be used as a source of references that was able to provide accurate knowledge and understanding to students. It was opened on March 26th, 2001 by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn. On the same day, the Osothsala Building was inaugurated and the Princess and University administrators visited the Museum which contains the following:

1. The history of pharmacy and the evolution of tools for making Thai medicine from the past to the present, including an authoritative baton and the red sash of royal doctors, medicine grinders, machines for making medicinal tablets and capsules and weighing machines,
2. Thai medicinal ingredients and an account of the evolution of the use of herbal medicine,
3. A database of interesting herbs on the computer with pictures, properties, chemicals, usages and warnings.
4. Videos on interesting herbs and the history of Thai pharmacy.

As well as staging exhibitions, the Museum also establishes cooperation and conducts academic exchanges with other museums of the same kind all over the world; an example being its sister institute- -the Institute of Oriental Medicine Research at Toyama Medical and Pharmaceutical University, Toyama, Japan.