The Second World War Monument: the Landscape of Memories

The Second World War Monument: the Landscape of Memories

During the Second World War, 298 Chulalongkorn University students decided to serve the country by helping the Free Thai Movement oppose the Japanese invasion. To comply with the demands of the authorities, they volunteered to attend the Military Guard School. The school offered a one-year programme and after graduating, students were appointed to the rank of Sub-Lieutenant and were assigned with the responsibility of keeping the peace within the country. This contributed a great deal to the country’s independence. After the War ended, these students were released from military service though they still maintained their comradeship and formed a club, the Military Guard Students Club, B.E. 2488, which was known by the abbreviation, MGSC 2488. In order to honour this group of students and to help succeeding generations to realize how much their activities had contributed to the country, Chulalongkorn University had the MGSC Monument erected and it was unveiled on December 18th, 1995.

The Monument is inscribed with the Thai poem, “This is a Courageous Ideology,” written by Sub-Lieutenant Samret Bunnag on behalf of the MGSC 2488:

This Massive Rock represents loyalty and life to be dedicated
To the Thai Monarch and the Thai Nation.
This group of students studied hard to gain knowledge;
In a time of need, they came together and would not yield an inch;
Being ready to shed blood and even sacrifice their lives to protect their country and their countrymen.
This is a courageous ideology;
This is lifelong dedication;
This is Chulalongkorn University,
That taught its students to be brave.
This Massive Rock represents the words
Announcing strong determination
And ensuring that Thailand’s freedom has to last forever.