The Headquarters Building

The Headquarters Building

Because King Chulalongkorn’s Civil Servants School consisted of 5 schools which were situated at different locations, the School’s Administrative Council agreed, at a meeting held in 1913, that the School’s Headquarters Building should be built in a Thai architectural style. They assigned Dr. Karl Dolring, an engineer at the Ministry of the Interior, and Edward Healey, an engineer at the Ministry of Education, to study the traditional architectural style of Sukhothai and Swankhalok Provinces and to apply it to their design of the Headquarters Building that was to be built on a plot of land located between Sanam Ma Road and Phayathai Road. The Council chose the design by Edward Healey.

At about this time, King Vajiravudh considered it appropriate to upgrade King Chulalongkorn’s Civil Servants School to the status of a university to honour his Father who had conceived the idea of establishing a university in 1898 but too late for implementation in his reign. Once the construction of the Headquarters Building was complete it became the Headquarters Building of Chulalongkorn University.

Later, the building served as the administrative office and classrooms of the Faculty of Arts. Its name was changed to “Arts Building I” and to the “Maha Chulalongkorn Building,” respectively. The building is used mainly as a venue for meetings, seminars and receptions for the University’s guests.

the Maha Chulalongkorn Building